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MaxTheGain is a 5 point system to get you the most money on the sale of your residential real estate.



1.     Pay only a 4% commission rate, or a  2.5%  MaxTheGain  rate if Carl handles buyer and no other Realtor is paid!    Carl   fine tunes your HUD-1  settlement statement to minimize your costs.   You GET a MaxTheGain bottom line.


2.     Be sure that your property is in good,  saleable condition.  Make your property a good listing.  Use the MaxTheGain checklist.


3.     A good listing is priced accurately. Price at the highest end of the reasonable range!  DO NOT go too high as that WILL NOT help you  MaxTheGain.  Accurate pricing shortens marketing time (time is money) and strengthens negotiating power. Make your property a good listing.  Use the MaxTheGain market analysis to set you price.


4.     Clarify your intentions.  What you want needs to be “clear as a bell”, rational, reasonable.  “All Providence” will help MaxTheGain  if you have a clearly made up mind.  Clarity of purpose is fundamental to a good listing.


5.     Expose the good listing to the market: A)  LOCAL>>    for sale sign,  direct mail,  MFRMLS.

B) INTERNET>>   REALTOR.COM, internet sweeping sites (Redfin,  Zillow, Trulia, etc).



                                                             Agents do not attract buyers.  Listings attract buyers.

When buyers are attracted,  good listing s sell !

MaxTheGain  on your property sale.

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